Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NFL Week 13 Preview

Winners in Bold (10-6 last week, 94-49 for the season). Pretty much staying on my track of picking about 2/3 of the winners correctly, which is not very good. I reserve the right to change my picks on some of the Sunday games, pending injury reports, but I need to make this post tonight, because of that nobody gives a fuck except Thomas Jones and Fred Jackson owners Thursday night game. I HOPE you don't own any other players in that game, although either defense is a decent play this week, as both teams are prone to tons of INT's. This week's picks come with analysis, as I'm really stoked for many of the games.

Jets @ Bills - Both teams' offensive gameplans should be to run the football EVERY single play, and not let their QB's lose the game. Like Thomas Jones too much to go against the Jets.

Eagles @ Falcons- No Ryan, and possibly no Turner= big problems for Atlanta, in a must win game for both teams I like the more experienced Eagles.

Rams @ Bears: Yuck! Steven Jackson, Matt Forte, and the Bears defense are the only viable fantasy plays here.

Bucs @ Panthers- Memo to John Fox: You have two stud running backs in DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Give them each 25 carries and see your team celebrate more often.

Lions @ Bengals- Can't see how the Bengals can mess this one up.

Titans @ Colts- Game of the Week as the Golden Arm meets the most elusive man alive. The Colts have pretty much locked up home field throughout, and while an undefeated season is great, there's no way in hell I'm picking against Chris Johnson right now.

Texans @ Jaguars- Matt Schaub= top fantasy QB this week. Mark it down, and play all your Texans with supreme confidence this week.

@ Chiefs- The Broncos got themselves back in contention last week, and I just can't see how they can lose to the Chiefs this week. Knowshown Moreno and Jamaal Charles will be top 10 fantasy RB's this week, and Charles could easily be this year's Pierre Thomas.

Patriots @ Dolphins- The Pats are deadly in games after losses, the Dolphins collapsed in Buffalo last week. Miami should be hungry as a win puts them back in the AFC East and Wild Card races, but Lawrence Maroney and Wes Welker will be the difference, as the Pats win a close one, killing the Dolphins defense with a couple long scoring drives late in the game.

Raiders @ Steelers- Dixon, Big Ben, Mickey Mouse, it does not matter, the Raiders are not winning this football game.

Saints @ Redskins- Gonna be closer than the experts think, as Washington has played well of late, but there's just no stopping Drew Brees in the 2nd half.

Chargers @ Browns- Hide the women and children, this one is going to be ugly. VERY UGLY. The Chargers will score more points off of PAT's than the Browns will total points. Play ALL of your Chargers with extreme confidence.

Cowboys @ Giants- Going to be close, as this rivalry always produces great games, but the complete disappearance of the Giants running game, is going to put too much pressure on Eli, and the Cowboys defense will win them this game, just as they have all season. Really excited for this one, because it should be MY KIND OF FOOTBALL GAME, hard-hitting, smash mouth, low-scoring game dominated by the defenses.

49ers @ Seahawks- Please (insert Seattle HC)play Justin Forsett over Julius Jones the rest of the year. He's your best back, and it's not even close.

Vikings @ Cardinals- With or without Warner, the Cardinals aren't going to have the horses up front to compete with the Vikings. All Day is going to have a monster game in primetime, and if Leinart plays, this game could get really ugly, and benching Larry Fitzgerald might be an option for the first time, well EVER!

Ravens @ Packers- The Packers defense is a turnover machine, and they'll be the difference in this one, forcing several Flacco INT's. Aaron Rodgers will take care of things from there.

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