Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods

Alright now that the smoke has cleared and it appears we have the full facts, or at least as much as we're going to get, here are my thoughts on the matter. I don't really like talking about this, as it is a "serious topic", but the story is too big for me not to make a few comments. I'm not a Tiger worshipper like some, but have nothing but respect for his abilities, and the fact that he always seals the deal, and consider him the greatest athlete of all time, even ahead of Jordan.

- How does Tiger get away with not ever having to talk to the authorities? Didn't watch the press conference (as you know I don't watch the news, because it's garbage), but if any of us caused this kind of a scene at 3 AM, we'd sure as hell have some questions to answer. Just another example in a long line, of celebrities receiving preferential treatment, and another reason why our legal system, while still the best in the world is in need of some major band-aids.

- Cheating on your wife= just about the dumbest thing you can do. If you're not happy, get a divorce, but now Tiger has opened himself up to a world of hurt in all aspects of life. Let us not forget his SUPER HOT wife who is in fact the biggest loser in this whole mess, as well as his two young children who are going to have to hear about all of this their entire lives.

- If you're going to cheat on your smoking hot wife, FOR FUCK'S SAKE at least do it with someone hot. I've seen a couple pics of this broad, and: DO NOT WANT! I could see myself hooking up with her after multiple drinks, but then waking up in the morning, saying: "Yuck" and getting the fuck out as soon as I can. But Tiger, he hooked up with her multiple times, so obviously she's pretty good in bed, but still, come on I mean the guess the lights were off wherever you were bro. Dude, you are Tiger FUCKING Woods, you could bang any chick you wanted, and you chose this ugly skanktron? Seriously? Dude?

- Finally, NONE of this should even matter or be talked and blogged about. While I don't condone his actions, what Tiger and his family does in their private lives is none of our fucking business. Don't give me that "it's the price of being famous" bullshit, he didn't choose to be famous, but became famous doing what he does best, and finding great success. Fuck you paparazzi for doing nothing but destroying families, and invading people's privacy! Tiger owes his family an apology and no one else! If his wife wants to leave him and take half the assets, she can and probably should, and nobody would blame her, and to all of you parents out there, Charles Barkley was 100% correct, "Athletes aren't role models, parents should be the role models" If you're mad at Tiger for setting a bad example, then turn off the Golf Channel, look inwardly, and show your kids a good example to follow.

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