Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 8

Yes I have lagged it really fucking badly with this story. Reasons= 33% this is so teh ghey that it pains me to write it 33% 12 hour poker days playing 6-15 tables at once makes it pretty tough to blog 33% pure laziness. Even still, I have until 7 am tomorrow to fucking finish this shit, and I hate leaving things unfinished, so it's gonna get done......Alright I've got my Whiskey Rocks, lets get started.

Recap of the Story so Far

- Hot nurse and dream woman in every way Rachel is out in New York looking for her prince charming

- Roomate/best friend/former friends with benefits/etc. it's complicated Charlie is a sports agent and major player. He always has his black book on him, which carries the numbers of numerous numerous conquests. Think Barney Stinson with the ladies meets marc1313's sports obsession/douchery

- Their best friends are married couple Tony and Patty Gonzalez who help them move through their lives and give them a stabilizing force in their lives.

- Rachel meets patient Mike who may just be the one. Love at first sight kind of bullshit. Once he is recuperated they agree to go out.

- Charlie makes uber douche comment of the year but later apologizes and tries to make amends, which Rachel accepts.

- Rachel turns down Giants-Eagles luxury box seats for a date with Mike


Sunday December 13, 2009

For Rachel Summers the big day had arrived. Mike had called and planned to come pick her up at 6 for their big dinner date. She started getting ready around two, right as Tony came over to pick up Charlie to go the Giants game.

*Doorbell rings*

Charlie rushes to the door.

"DUDE! FUCKING EAGLES NIGHT MAN!" Charlie exclaims as he and Tony high five, chest bump, and Charlie rushes back to his room to grab the tickets.

"Now are you sure you don't want to go Rach" Tony asks.

"Yea I really like this guy. Thanks though Tony, you guys have fun" Rachel answers

Charlie comes back out into the living room, hesitates, and gives Rachel a hug.

"Good luck Rach" he posits backing away to look her in the eye: "I hope this guy is everything you've ever dreamed of"

"Thanks Charlie, you guys have fun now. FUCK THE EAGLES!"

"FUCK THE EAGLES!" The guys chant in unison walking out the door.

Rachel rushes, feeling that four hours may not be enough time to get ready, I mean like OMG she still has to shower 25 times, curl her hair then straighten it, then double her weight in the application of makeup. She barely finishes in time, as Mike rings the bell at 6pm precisely.

She answers it. "Hey Mike. Long time no see." they both laugh although I don't know why, it wasn't that funny. They hop into Mike's 7 Series (that's a top of the line BMW fwiw) and begin a short drive to Mike's favorite first date restaurant, a little Italian restuarant in Lower Manhattan. As they are seated, like a perfect gentleman, Mike pulls Rachel's chair out for her, and seats her, as the waiter hands them their menus.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The rest of this chapter will be filled with pure conjectures of how first dates and first date conversation goes, since well why lie, the only advanced conversations the author has had with the female gender have either: (a) occurred in bars/clubs/school so naturally ended very very badly or (b) occurred in strip clubs, so naturally ended very very well.

"So Mike, you know all about me and my job, but what do you do to afford a 7 Series?"

"I'm a stockbroker"

"Hmm..well I know nothing about that world" Rachel replies

"It's okay, I don't really like mixing business with pleasure. I kind of hate my job to be honest, but as you can see it more than pays the bills, so I can't afford to leave it either. So how did you end up becoming a nurse?"

"Well my parents died in the 9/11 attack, and that kind of..."

"Ohh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to"

Rachel puts her hands up: "It's no problem, don't worry about it. Anyways, after that, I was determined to help people, and yea it doesn't pay a lot of money, but I'm doing fine, and my roommate has always helped me out when I've had any kind of problems"

"Well you're lucky to have her then. That's what friends are for" Mike answers

"Ohh no. You're mistaken, it's a guy, my best friend since well forever."

" I assume?"

"Noooo...far from it. Just a major player. We tried to make things work once, but he's just not the relationship type, and I'm definitely looking for something more."

"Well as am I" Mike responds.

"So you're a fellow hopeless romantic"

"Yes indeed Rachel, that I am. I've had my share of bad breakups, but after this accident, I'm determined. Whether its you or someone else, to make a relationship work."

Rachel nods in agreement, and this getting to know each other small talk continues for the next hour, as Mike munches on his lasagna, and Rachel works on her lemon chicken. While Mike is not the sports fanatic that Rachel is (work is his life), they both share the same views on romance, and seem optimistic that they can build off of that.

After dinner, Mike drives her home, and walks her up to the front door.

"Well I had a great night Rachel. I'd love to do this again sometime soon." he suggests

"Sure, I'm off Thursday, would you be down for Thursday night?"

"Yea that sounds good, I'll call you" he replies. He begins to walk away, when she calls him back: "Mike?" and then she passionately kisses him good night. A kiss that they both respond to positively (like through body language). Rachel walks into the front door happy as a clam, and collapses on the sofa with that puppy dog love look on her face.

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