Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 9

Alright no time to get in depth, and this part can actually kind of afford to be a bit abbreviated, so just bear with me, while this chapter is short, everything has its purpose, and everything that has happened from here to now is significant, building towards the ultimate conclusion.

Chapter 9

December 14-23, 2009

Rachel spends the next few days calling and texting Mike to no end, and yapping about him at every chance that she can get, to the point that she borderline begins to annoy Patty. Charlie on the other hand, is strangely receptive, listening to her every line, and wishing her nothing but the best. Her and Mike go out again on Thursday, and then again on Saturday evening, each date going better than the previous one.

On Sunday night (the 20th, Mike drops by their place unannounced) *Doorbell rings*

Charlie and Rachel are watching the Rangers game, and Rachel answers the door to find Mike there with a bed of roses in his hands, and gives them to her: "Rachel: I just wanted to say that: I think I'm in love with you." he says handing her the roses. She drops them to the ground, and kisses him long and fervently. They eventually depart and make plans to see each other on Wednesday the 23rd.

As the door closes, Rachel grabs the roses, places them in water, and collapses on the sofa: "Go ahead give it to me" she says to Charlie.

"I'm happy for you sweetie" he answers, "you're happy, and that's all that matters to me. Glad to see this all working out" he continues as she looks at him with a look of bewilderment.

"Did I just hear what I think I heard? Charlie supporting a relationship!" Rachel queries.

"Yea, we're not getting any younger Rach. I'm glad to see that you've found someone who cares about you, and you know who's all lovey dovey like you. You've been waiting a long time for this guy, and it looks like he's finally answered your call, so that's awesome" as he extends his hand out for the ultimate fist bump.

She obliges *fist bump + blow it up* and gets back to sports, beer, pizza.

The next few days are like a blur, and Rachel quasi-annoys all of her patients and co-workers with "Mike is so great and so special" yada yada yada you know how chicks act in these situations.

Wednesday finally comes, and Mike takes her out for Chinese food, and a romantic movie, during which they each go through their laundry list of past breakups, each of them more soul-crushing than the last. The movie is a semi-blur as they spend half the time just making out, and giggling and laughing like a couple of disgusting puppy lovers.

"Am I the only one who really likes where this is going?" Rachel asks

"Rachel, you're a very special person. Now I'm sure that I love you, and yes, this has some potential to end very very well." Mike replies.

"Aww thanks, I love you too" Rachel responds (no idea if what 3 weeks is long enough for two people to officially "be in love" so "SORRRRRYYYYY" if this is technically incorrect).

After the movie, Mike drops her off, and walks her to the door, but this time Rachel invites him in. He obliges, and they both give a quick what's up to Charlie who's immersed in Sports Center as Rachel grabs Mike's hand, and rushes him to her bedroom, where ummm like do I really need to say it. They obviously have sex, and no I'm not going to write the sex scene you horny bastards. If you're that hot to see some action, well you clearly are on the Internet, so I suggest you go to a different kind of site.

I will say, that they have sex several times throughout the course of the night, whispering sweet nothing to each other, and doing all that other ghey couply shit as well. Eventually, they both fall asleep, Rachel in love, and feeling that this guy might finally be "the one".

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