Monday, December 21, 2009


- There are several different male viewpoints on this controversial subject, so I'm here to settle through all the riftraff, and give the bottom line no bullshit truth.

- The religious right will argue that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, and yes while it is not natural, and I'm totally against male homoness (although it's still none of the govt's fucking business and ghey marriage should be legalized), but the concept of a chick and another chick together is just too fucking HAWT for me not to love it.

- Some guys will be against lesbianism, because it's a waste of two perfectly hawt chicks, and while that is true, but there's nothing saying that you still can't join in one the fun. Let's just do some math here: lesbos probably are going to enjoy masculine activities such as sports and beer. Strike up a good conversation, be respectful, but assertive at the same time, and who knows, you may score threesome.

- Some guys may argue that yea it's kind of hawt, but it's not really for me. This argument is just the ghey and needs to be discarded immediately. Two girls going at it is just all kinds of unreal hawtness, and no straight man should EVER be anything but 100% supportive of these super awesome women.

- Bottom line: Two chicks going at it, even just making out is so unbelievably hawt, even if they aren't lesbians. Just recalling that episode of friends where Rachel and Monica make out to get their apartment back (FUCK YOU X 10000000000 NBC and FUCKING MORALITY POLICE for not letting the actual kiss air. Well doubt that was NBC's fault, I mean could you imagine the fucking ratings a make-out session between Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox would have gotten?). Lesbians (excluding Rosie O'Donnell and the butch angry fuck all men ones) are just so incredibly super awesome, and have my support all day and twice on Sunday.

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