Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Bachelor Parties are Okay but Bachelorette Parties are NOT Okay!

- Women have the wedding. That is YOUR party! Anywhere from 10-1000 people there just to see you in a white dress.

- Guys pretty much have zero say in the wedding, so this is the Groom's party, and a way for him and his buddies to celebrate the best way that guys no how: by being drunk jackass morons.

- Once the marriage is official, the Woman's Life Begins (i.e. the rest of their life is the celebration), whereas the life of the Man Ends, ergo he needs a reason to celebrate before making the biggest mistake of his life. Not trying to be chauvinistic, really, but don't all chicks dream their whole lives about their wedding day, and settling down with a nice home and 2.5 kids. Guys on the other hand, as I've reiterated over and over again: Beer, Sex, Food, Sports, that's it. Marriage can be a means to obtain 2 of said items, which I guess is the reason why some men enter into said contract.

Have many more reasons that will NOT be posted, out of fear of being the victim of 1st degree murder at the hands of well just about any one of the female readers. As posted, this might be enough to have my lifeless covered body be the top story on the 6 o'clock news. LOL just LOL at the news channels trying to find a photo of me that's not going to insta reduce their ratings by 50%.

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