Thursday, December 10, 2009

NFL Week 14 Preview

Winners in Bold (9-7 last week, 103-56 for the season)

Not that many good games this week, but fortunately all the games that are going to be televised should be pretty good. For those of you in 6 team fantasy playoff leagues, best of luck in the wild card round, and for those of you in 4 team playoff leagues, good luck trying to secure a playoff spot.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland= I doubted that the Steelers could lose last week, and they did. If anything, Troy Polamalu has proven to be the Defensive MVP of the NFL, as it is amazing how badly their defense has collapsed without him. With word that his return is now uncertain, and he might be done for the year, the Steelers' chances are all but nil. Still the Browns' offensive woes are unquantifiable. Let's put it this way, Saints Safety Darren Sharper has 3 TD's this season. ZERO Browns offensive players have more than 2.

Saints @ Falcons= Good for Sean Payton electing not to rest his players if they sew up home field, but to keep fighting, not giving their opponents who may need to win to get in the playoffs a layup win. Gotta love that competitive spirit. Man is the Falcons offense a mess, and while Turner should be back this week, Chris Redman is NOT the answer, and their pass defense has been porous this whole year, and Drew Brees should have a field day.

Lions @ Ravens= Ray Rice will lead his owners to fantasy glory, and I really hope Matthew Stafford makes it out of this game alive. Calvin Johnson owners should still play him with confidence as the Ravens' pass defense has been burned recently.

Packers @ Bears= Should be a route, as the Packers' defense will force several turnovers as usual, and Aaron Rodgers will have his standard 25 point fantasy day. Play ALL your Packers, including waiver wire add Jermichael Finley with extreme confidence.

Seahawks @ Texans= Just mindboggling that Julius Jones is playing over Justin Forsett, and that the Texans have found so many different ways to GIVE games away. Still like the Texans in this one though.

Broncos @ Colts= The Broncos D has shut down some pretty strong offenses this year, and should hold the Colts to under 30, but still this is Peyton Manning in the RCA Dome. The unbeaten season stays alive 28-17.

Dolphins @ Jaguars= A Huge game both for Wildcard implications as well as the Dolphins' newfound AFC East title hopes. Both teams should be able to run the ball with impunity, although Chad Henne and David Garrard have both played well of late and are good game managers. I like Ricky Williams and the improving Dolphins defense in this one, I just don't trust the Jaguars, they seem to lay an egg everytime they gain some momentum.

Bills @ Chiefs= The Bills pass defense is very stingy, but that shouldn't even matter, as their run defense is one of the worst in the league. Look for 20-25 carries and ~150 all purpose yards from Jamaal Charles + 2 TD's and a solid Chiefs win.

Bengals @ Vikings= Game of the Week, as both teams look to secure the #2 seed and a first round bye. The Vikings finally looked human last week, but the Bengals offense has struggled punching the ball in the end zone lately. Against the lesser-rans that's ok because their defense is so good, but against the Vikings, you need to score touchdowns, because they are going to score points. Vikings have too many weapons on both sides of the ball.

Panthers @ Patriots= Matt Moore played competently last week in place of Jake Delhomme, and the Pats are clearly not the same team of the middle of this decade, but they're undefeated at home this season, and with DeAngelo Williams' health in question, there's just no way the Panthers can stay competitive in this game.

Jets @ Bucs= The Bucs have played well off late, although 5 Josh Freeman INT's cost them last week. The Jets defense is going to have a field day, and Thomas Jones is going to run wild.

Redskins @ Raiders= LOL This Game

Rams @ Titans= Chris Johnson might break his own fantasy scoring record from Week 2.

Chargers @ Cowboys= Man is this an intriguing and huge game, as both teams try and hold on to their division leads. No, I repeat NO Team in the NFL is playing better than the Chargers right now. After their horrid start of the season, they are pummelling people and dominant on both sides of the football. Dallas meanwhile has to deal with the complete disappearance of Marion Barber. They're going to have to rely on Romo against SD's questionable pass defense. Still, the Bolts have too many offensive weapons even for Dallas' defense, and if the Cowboys can't figure out how to run the ball like they have the past few years, it might be another miserable December in Big D.

Eagles @ Giants= Nothing better than seeing these two cities clash in any sport. The first matchup between these two was painful to watch, as the Eagles routed the GMen out of the gate. DeSean Jackson is set to play, and you can expect another sound Philly victory. It might be close for a half, but the Eagles have too many weapons, and their defense is getting healthier and stronger.

Cardinals @ 49ers= Look for the Cardinals defense to stack the box early and often, shutting down Frank Gore, and forcing Alex Smith to beat them. Vernon Davis is a MONSTER right now, but Kurt Warner is going to have an absolute field day shredding the 49ers porous pass D.

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