Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Bullshit

that needs to be said. At this point I'll do anything to stop looking at regression analyses, standard errors, etc.

- Nothing worse than driving on a 2 lane highway or big street, and having two slow ass mother fuckers driving 10-20 MPH UNDER the speed limit right next to each other. Seriously, can one of you at least slow down more, so the rest of us can pass you inconsiderate fucks. It's almost as if they're doing it on purpose, like gee I'm a miserable piece of shit, I might as well make everybody else's day a little worse as well.

- I love the cold weather, the rain, and the winter season, but the only drawback is that hot chicks start putting on MORE layers, and show less, which is MAJOR :(

- Nice Rack --> Pretty Face --> Nice that order. They're all important, and I like big butts and I cannot lie, but that's still the order, and if you disagree with me, GTFO!

- Seriously need to go see "Bad Santa" again. Haven't seen it since it first came out, but can't remember laughing harder more consistently throughout an entire movie, with the exception of "The Hangover". Thanks Beki for reminding me of this hidden and somewhat forgotten jewel of a Christmas movie.

- Listening to Carrie Underwood music while studying is SO +EV. Puts one in a good mood, and takes you to a better place. The music video for her song "All American Girl" is like the sexiest thing ever. <3 all the different uniforms/costumes that we see her in, and just super <3 her in general.

- OMFG SON OF A MOTHERFUCKINGBITCH I need a drink! Worst part about this ordeal is I can't just have a couple of drinks to relieve the stress. SO SO SO -EV, and worst of all, I miss drunk blogging, because drunk Marc has like a 95% blog post success rate. In case you haven't noticed, the posts lately have been more mellow, and geared towards the female readership. No WTF is wrong with women/crazy ranting/horny bastard posts lately, and that is not acceptable.

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