Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Claus *SPOILERS* Put the Children To Bed

- If you have any younger children do not let them read this post, and more importantly, WHAT THE FUCK are you letting them read this blog for? Profanity check, lewd sex talk check, misogyny check, total lack of sense of morality check.

- Alright, in case you somehow like well I can't even begin to comprehend how anyone old enough to read this could believe, but anyways, Santa DOES NOT exist LDO, and his very existence pisses me the fuck off to no end, and here's why:

- It introduces the concept of lying to kids. When I realized that he was a fraud (Christmas Eve age 6-8 somewhere in that range), nothing really happened, I just started putting the pieces together, and the whole concept seemed so ridiculous and implausible that I confronted my parents, and they told me the truth. I was so damn mad at them and all adults really for spreading this lie, and if I ever have kids

Quick Aside: LOL just LOL at me having kids. Umm that requires that a woman actually finds me attractive THEN that I don't find way to fuck things up beyond all belief, THEN she sleeps with me, THEN she isn't so shamed for having slept with me that she doesn't abort the child.

I will not spread this lie.

- What kind of message does it teach our children that one of the cornerstones of the most cherished American/Christian holiday is a complete myth? I'm not a regular church-goer, but I still pray most every night, believe and accept Christ as our Savior, and isn't the purpose of this holiday supposed to be about celebrating his miraculous birth and life? Yet for all the little kids of the Christian world, we worship this false idol (isn't that one of the 10 commandments, not to worship false idols?)

- Instead of celebrating and gaining more love for friends and family, Christmas just makes these little kids love Santa more. I remember being little and just waiting for Santa's gifts, and not being appreciative of others' gifts, and more importantly the time I spent with friends/family, and the love that spreads in the holiday season. Not the case anymore, but this just has always tilted me really bad, and I've never discussed it with anyone, so just felt like saying it here and now.

- Christmas should be about giving, but "being good so Santa brings you a new XBox". I think the whole Santa thing helps spread the whole "me first culture" rather than spreading Christian values of: love, generosity, and forgiveness. Not trying to preach, ehh but I kind of am I.

- Sorry for the quasi-seriousness of this post, I know I promised not to do that. I'm not mad at any person in particular, but just the myth itself that spreads generation after generation. If/when you have kids, just give some consideration to not spreading this lie, and hey it will make them look cool in school when they find out the truth before all their friends.

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  1. Hang in there Marc you just need to lower your standards a bit more(way below a 4 or 5) and everything will turn out OK.