Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Miracles

aren't something that just happen in fairy tales, or in movies, and they aren't just something that happen to beautiful people, they're happening every day, to all of us. They happen every time modern medicine saves one of our lives, they happen every time we're lucky enough to bring a child into the world, they happen every time our quick reflexes help us narrowly miss that huge/possibly deadly car accident, and they happen every time we fall in love. When you think about everything that had to go EXACTLY right in order for you to meet and end up with who you were supposed to end up with, you will see how amazing life can be.

With the holiday season upon us, step back, take a minute, and look in admiration at all of the Christmas miracles in your life, be grateful for them, don't take them for granted, and appreciate what you do have, rather than stressing on what you don't have.

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