Monday, December 14, 2009

LOL LA Baseball

- Dodgers lose Wolf who sadly was their ace for much of last year.
- Angels lose their ace Lackey and leadoff man Figgins
- Neither get Roy Halladay
- Their competition (Phillies, Mariners, Red Sox) all get the guys that they should have gotten/retained, thus making the gap between them even worse
- Both are going to have extremely tough divisions next year (Rockies, Giants, Mariners, and Rangers ALL could easily win 95 games imo.)
- Neither has done anything close to make a move to fulfill their needs, which for the Dodgers is a disturbing lack of starting pitching, and the Angels, is another big bat in the middle, and now an ace to replace Lackey.
- LO FUCKING L this baseball offseason. GFY East Coast Baseball, and until the MLB wakes the fuck up and installs a real salary cap, this same old bullshit is going to continue. Seriously what good has Bud Selig done for baseball, and how the fuck did this asshat end up in charge?

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