Tuesday, December 15, 2009

***Official Thank You Juan Pierre Post***

In case you haven't heard, Juan Pierre was traded today to the White Sox for two players to be named later, and cash considerations (i.e. we're eating a good chunk of his salary). This is a move that HAD to be made, as there was no room to play him, and it's just insane to have a $10 million/year bench player. While this is somewhat good news, as it almost ensures that Kemp and Ethier will be hanging around, let me give thanks on behalf of Dodger Nation to Juan Pierre.

- Yes, Ned Colletti overpaid you, but that's not your fault.
- When you were benched after the Manny trade, you were in a position to be the absolute downfall of the team. You could have complained, huffed and puffed, and been a distraction.
- But you were NOT. You handled your benching like a fucking man and a professional, you continued to work hard (from all accounts, you CONTINUED to be the first one to arrive, and last to leave), be a supportive teammate, and most importantly, every time you got a chance to play you PRODUCED, and were a sparkplug to a team that badly needed you.
- When Manny was suspended, you were the MVP of the team for 50 games, and were the leadoff hitter, and sparkplug at the top that Rafael Furcal was not.
- Thank you Juan Pierre for your time in Dodger Blue, and I'm glad you will now get a chance to be an everyday player (for a team that has the pieces to be a contender, but was BADLY missing a leadoff hitter this year). Pierre/Beckham should be a very nice 1-2 punch to set things up for Dye/Konerko/Rios/Quentin (if healthy).

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