Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Might Actually End Well

- Super Hot Chick in one of my classes (I mean really super hot, I'm not exaggerating, top 5 hottest chicks I've ever known)
- Likes sports esp. football + hockey and has a solid knowledge of each
- Built a decent rapport with her + no ring
- All the other guys in that class totally kiss her ass b/c well she is super hot
- I don't and am just kind of like whatever, because I know a lost cause when I see one + I figure every guy she meets hits on her, so gonna try the opposite, to you know stand out and be different
- We were chatting a bit before class just about random bullshit, and she just out of the blue says she wants to draw something for me, and asks what I want her to draw. Naturally, I say a baseball field.
- She spends the next half hour drawing it for me, signs it with all the greetings and little girly stuff attached.
- I don't even care that she forgets the 2nd baseman, the shortstop is left handed and the foul poles are tilted the wrong way, it was just so HAWT, awesome, and dare I say "sweet".
- Kind of excited as this actually has some potential to end well, but I'm not getting my hopes up, as she is probably just being nice.
- Tune in next Thursday night for results

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