Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sunday December 6, 2009 Meadowlands, New Jersey 12:00pm

Four hours prior to kickoff between the HUGE divisional rivalry game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York football Giants, our four heroes drive up to the parking lot in Tony's F250, with the grill, food, beer, and all the other necessary tailgate fixings in tow. With the temperature expected to drop below freezing by halftime, the girls are dressed in their multi-layered Giants theme clothes, with warm-up bundled (fuck I don't know what they're called b/c I don't do jackets: parkas?) on top. The guys are hardcore "tough guys" and just wearing their jerseys, Charlie wearing a #92 Michael Strahan jersey, and Tony wearing an LT #58 old school jersey, and jeans. For Charlie and Tony, who were college roommates and best friends, this was their 100th straight Giants home game attended, so to mark the special occasion, they broke out a $200 bottle of platinum patron.

"Looks like I'm driving home" Patty, the non-drinker, and permanent DD of the group remarked.

"Yea sorry sweetie...but it is a special occasion. 100 STRAIGHT GAMES BROTHER!" Tony replies as he pours shots for himself, Charlie, and Rachel. They cheers to the special occasion and down their shots, and then proceed to set up camp...

"Hey Rach, so tell the guys about the special guy you met today" Patty pesters

"Ohh is she sleeping with her patients again Patty?" Charlie chimes in

"Hey" Rachel responds, slapping him "you know I never did that, stop saying that"

"Yea dude" Tony replies punching him in the arm, HARD "not cool bro, not cool at all. Learn some respect for women. Just because all your whores are brainless bimbos who don't know any different, or just don't care, doesn't mean you can talk to all women like that".

Charlie just stares at Tony for a few moments in bewildered puzzlement, then starts chuckling: "Dude you are so gay. Are you sure you're not a Cowboys fan?"

Aside for a moment: Dude sorry Ryan if you're reading this, I didn't mean for it to be like this, but the story was always meant to be staged in New York, and considering the big game last week, I just couldn't resist. If it makes you feel any better, there will be Eagles bashing next week, although the Eagles are so going to TID on Sunday Night!

"No I just no how to treat a lady. That's how I landed this beautiful one right here"

"Awww that's so sweet" Patty chimes in, as she and Tony kiss, while Charlie is off to the side feigning the different ways to commit suicide. "Alright now Rach, tell the guys the story, sorry this jerk got us sidetracked"

"Well I met this guy, he was one of my patients, and the moment I walked in the room, it was kind of like one of those love at first sight things. I don't know what it was about him, but he just had this glow to him" Rachel explains, as Charlie starts downing tequila shots. Rachel just ignores his childish behavior, and continues "and then we started talking, and he was getting all flirty with me, telling me that he was feeling better since I was there, and then later he asked me if I would go out with him when he was discharged."

As Charlie continues to act like a jackass, Tony punches him again: "Dude sit the fuck down, and pay attention. Your friend is telling an important story here, I think it would behoove you to listen to her. Sorry for the language girls..."

"It's ok" they both interrupt

"But this guy has some growing up to do".

"So what she met some guy" as Charlie having already done five shots in the short time that they've been there is starting to have his buzz kick in. "he's probably just another jackass trying to look for a quick and easy lay, and then he's going to leave her, just like all the other guys she dates"

Rachel soaking in what has just been said, starts to tear up, and has to walk away with Patty close behind her, as a gentle rain starts to fall upon the New Jersey crowd, with kickoff of this must-win game for the Giants looming.

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