Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Rachel walks away from Charlie who has just completely humiliated her, and made a fool out of himself. She finds a nearby bench to sit down on and buries her head in her hands, crying uncontrollably. Patty takes a seat down next to her, trying to console her. "He's just a jerk who's had to much to drink sweetie. He didn't mean it."

"No but he's right Patty. Every guy I've ever cared about, that I've ever opened my heart to, that I've ever loved, has either cheated on me or left me," Rachel explains, "how do I know that Mike is going to be any different. Have I brought this upon myself, do I just have too high an expectations for the guys that I date?"

"No Rach, you're not the problem. Look at me. You are not the problem. Guys are just jerks, and Charlie, I mean I love him, but he's no different sometimes. He has a lot of growing up to do. Look, don't let what that idiot said change anything, Mike seems like a nice enough guy, give him a chance"

"Ok" Rachel continues, as she tries and controls her crying, so that she can rejoin the guys.

Meanwhile, Tony sits Charlie down, and takes the Patron away from him: "Listen to cabron"

"No I don't want ta" as Charlie tries to get up, Tony shoves him down into his seat

"You're listening to me whether you like it or not. Now look, I know you're not a fan of "relationships", and if you want to die old and alone next to a couple of your whores, with no one in the world who loves you, then that's your deal, far be it from me to stand in your way. But that girl is your friend, the only one who's always been there for you, Lord knows she's been through a lot, and you just broke her heart. So when she comes back..."

"I know man, I will. Bro..."


"Thanks. I don't say it often, but thank you man."


The girls return with Patty holding Rachel who still has a tissue in her hands, and is still a little teary-eyed. Charlie approaches her, as Patty walks off to be with Tony.

"Rachel" he starts looking her in the eye, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of what I said, I was just being a jerk. I'm happy for you, and I hope this guy is everything that you're looking for...because you deserve to be happy".

"Apology accepted" she replies. "Thanks Charlie, now let's go have some fun".

The gang proceeds to eat a mountain of food, engage in some casual drinking, and while they appear to be having a good time, there is still a heavy sense of uneasiness in the air, as clearly Rachel was justifiably greatly hurt by the aforementioned comments. This sense of uneasiness continues during the game, as they are not as rowdy and enthusiastic as usual, despite the Giants win 31-24, keeping their playoff hopes alive, setting up a MONSTER game next Sunday night against the Eagles.

The car drive home is not nearly as exuberant as it should be, and when Tony drops Charlie and Rachel off at their apartment, they each just give each other a quick "good night" and retire to their respective rooms for the evening. Charlie finds his treasured little black book, calls up one of the hundreds of girls in it, puts on some comfortable clothes, and leaves for a good time.

Rachel meanwhile, pulls out a scrapbook that she has detailing all the relationships she has ever been in. She looks at prom photos, high school football games, and carnival photos of her and her high school boyfriend, whom she dated for three years, who eventually cheated on her, with what was her best friend at the time. She quickly brushes past photos of her and Charlie, who has already mentioned had a friends with benefits relationship in college. Then she sees the financial consultant she dated when she was fresh out of college, shortly after her parents' death, whom eventually left her for a better job opportunity in Chicago, and finally, the sports writer whom she had dated for a year, but broke up her with a few months ago, because she wanted to get married and have kids, whereas he just wanted a casual relationship. Rachel reflecting on Charlie's comments earlier, and reflecting back on a lifetime of failed relationships and terrible endings begins breaking down crying, but is still able to add a few sheets into her scrapbook, hoping that they will soon be filled with memories that her and Mike share together.

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