Friday, December 11, 2009

Upcoming Movies to See

Until this mother fucking health issue is resolved, it's going to be a lot of weekend movie nights for yours truly, so here's the quick rundown. Well I suppose board game nights + mini golf is always in the question as well, although playing with angry Woman is as much of a health hazard as anything.

- Avatar (December 18): Because it's James Fucking Cameron

- Sherlock Holmes (Christmas Day): Great character, hopefully the perfect blend of comedy and drama that I desire in films, solid actors in the film, Rachel McAdams whom I love, and the closest thing I'm going to get to Monk in a long time.

- Extraordinary Measures (January 22): Basically a how far would you go to save your kids type story? Cliche but still should make a great story, and Harrison Ford doesn't make too many bad movies, so it should be fun.

- Edge of Darkness (January 29): Mel Gibson plays a homicide detective whose daughter is murdered in front of his home. His pursuit of the responsible parties should be nothing short of KICK ASS beat the fucking hell out of some mother fuckers awesomeness.

- Valentine's Day (February 12): This was a tough one to include, but when I saw the trailer, my first reaction was OMG two of the Jessica's (Alba + Biel) in addition to Jennifer Garner (whom I love, sigh I miss Alias) and Taylor Swift whose got that whole curly hair sexy thing going on, so I can't not recommend this one. The story will be teh super ghey, but hey so is "A Christmas Story", so I guess I have to recommend it, and lets face it all males in relationships, you are GOING to see this regardless of what I write here. Plus I really do want to actually see it, because it will mean that things will have actually gone well with hopefully aforementioned super hot chick who drew me a baseball diamond *crosses fingers*.

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