Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Hot Teachers

So apparently in some NYC high school, a janitor walked in on two (if you click on the link, you will see pics) hot female teachers undressed and starting to go at it, and ratted them out. Both teachers have been reassigned pending further investigation. Yes this is "news" which I hate, but it's kind of cool news, so allow me to comment.

- Mr. Janitor: Doubt you're fucking real bro. Seriously? Rat them out? I mean are you fucking serious? You are in the ULTIMATE position of leverage, and have an opportunity to accomplish what every man dreams of, but few accomplish, and you go and fuck shit up for EVERYBODY, by doing the stupidest fucking thing imaginable. Let's put all sexual issues aside, who the fuck tattles like that? They're two consenting adults, and what they're doing isn't hurting anybody, it was obviously way after hours, so there were no kids there. Seriously, are you an 8 year old girl bro? Unreal gheyness all around on the janitor's part.

- Where the fuck were these hot sex crazy teachers when I was in high school?

- If they do get fired (not going to delve into that topic as it is quasi-political), I can tell you there's going to be a long list to college-aged guys (myself included) who would be more than willing to hire them for some private tutoring.


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