Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Recurring Nightmare

For newer readers, or in case I haven't posted about this before, ever since my splenectomy I pretty much have horrific nightmares every single night, usually involving myself, or the people that I care about being in life-threatening danger, but often just other bad shit happening to me and the people that I care about. Well it's actually kind of good, because no matter how shitty a day I have, it absolutely pales in comparison to my dream life + I never wake up thinking Aww shit it was only a dream. Waking up= sweet fucking relief. Perhaps somebody can dissect the meaning of this one for me:

- There's usually some slight variations to it, but the general gist is:
- I'm at a very crowded mall and I think I'm usually alone.
- Somebody is threatening to blow up the mall, and I am the only person who knows about it, or can do anything to stop it. Like if I tell anyone the mall gets blown up, or they won't believe me I guess.
- The perpetrators are usually a mix of men and women, and I usually get the shit beat out of me by them.
- Inevitably I am able to stop the bomb from being detonated, but sustain mortal injuries while doing so, and wake up as I realize that death is upon me.

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