Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Miss Baseball

(1) Unlike football, baseball is on every single day. There's no waiting around, if you lose a game, guess what, there's one tomorrow.

(2) Keeping score is just so much fun, and helps you maintain your focus on the game and what is going on.

(3) Watching Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier play every single day.

(4) The smell of the grass, the sound of the bat hitting the ball, and the constant sound of players playing catch.

(5) Talking baseball with all my friends and my dad, enhancing my knowledge of the game, and hopefully doing the same for them.

(6) Dodger Dogs, $10 beers, and King Taco after the games.

(7) Twin killings, triples, straight steals of home, and the suicide squeeze.

(8) Those yardstick margaritas that they serve at Angel Stadium. Yea I dislike the Halos, but those margs are fucking bomb shizzle.

(9)Fantasy baseball and checking the box scores when I get home every night to insta put me in a good/bad mood. Keeper league this year boys. Ship me the entire Texas Rangers team please.

(10) Vin Scully. In the days of free agency, massive trading, and zero player loyalty, he is the one constant. This appears to be his final season behind the mic, and Dodger fans, hell baseball fans should relish every minute, because he truly is the greatest that ever was or ever will be.

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