Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bachelor

A reader told me about the show, recommending it on the basis of: all the hot chicks on it, and gave me promises of possible lesbianism on the show, so during the commercials for the CBS shows I checked it out, and here are my notes.

- While most of the chicks on the show are 7-9's, there are no 10's, at least not from what I saw, and that's very disappointing.
- A few of the chicks are flat out unattractive, yet were somehow still on the show, which unless the guy has banged them already, and they're amazing in bed just astonishes me.
- No lesbianism and no promises of lesbianism from what I saw which= said reader and I are going to have to have some words.
- This show actually kind of tilts me. How can these chicks just go on the show, insta fall in love with this random guy, and just agree to marry him if he picks them. It kind of makes a mockery out of marriage imo, and the hopeless romantic in me actually is offended.
- However, that guy has no fucking business in this blog, here it's all about the horny bastard virgin who has some questions:

(1) How does this one guy get so fucking lucky that he just gets thrown 25 hawt chicks who want to insta fuck and marry him?
(2) If this guy is such a catch, HOW THE FUCK can he be so unreal stupid to get married? I mean you're still young bro, have a solid 5-10 years of just banging every hot chick in sight, and then settle down and give your balls, life, and all sense of self-respect away.
(3) Who wants to go with me, and more importantly where the fuck is this house where the show is filmed at? All these vulnerable, heart-broken women who have just had their soul-crushed on national TV are going to need a shoulder to cry on, someone to confide in, and I would be more than happy to fill that role. For all my faults, I really am a great listener, and have no qualms with being a rebound guy, and waking up with her gone and ashamed of having slept with me.

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