Saturday, January 23, 2010

Championship Sunday Preview

For football purists, this is probably the greatest day of the year, given how commercialized the Super Bowl has become, and how it caters to stiffs, douchewads, and housewives who couldn't pick Drew Brees or Darelle Revis out of a lineup.

Jets @ Colts: A rematch that only the karma Gods could conjure up. A week after Rex Ryan told the media that he thought his team was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the Colts started this run, by mailing it in, and benching their starters and punting away their undefeated season. I should note that I am officially sold on the Jets. Their defense is just beyond sick, and Darrelle Revis is the 2nd best player in football. Unfortunately for the Jetsm they're facing the best on Sunday. Peyton Manning isn't going to make the same mistakes that Rivers made. The Chargers had a good thing going early in the game with Rivers to Gates, but then abandoned it later in the game, instead challenging the Jets more vertically, and were punished for it. Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, and Pierre Garcon need to and should have big games for the Colts, as Reggie Wayne will be locked down on Revis Island. Against a nearly identical to the Jets Ravens team last week, the Colts shut down Ray Rice, and forced a couple Joe Flacco turnovers that shifted momentum in the game. Expect the same on Sunday, and while the Jets keep it close, a couple long drives in the 2nd half seal Peyton's 2nd trip to Miami.

Colts 21 Jets 14

Vikings @ Saints: A lot of question marks are still in the air, literally, as Percy Harvin, DE Ray Edwards, and both halves of the Williams Wall are questionable for the game. The Vikes will need all 3 linemen to slow down the dynamic duo of Pierre Thomas/Reggie Bush who had an electric game last week than conjured up memories of his days at SC. More importantly, the Vikings absolutely MUST be able to put forth a fierce pass rush, ideally with just their 4 down linemen, or Drew Brees and his embarrassment of riches will shred the Vikings secondary that has been vulnerable to good passing attacks this season. However, I think the Saints grossly overlooked DEFENSE is what will win them this game. Last week, they absolutely blitzkrieged Warner and the normally stout Arizona O-Line. I expect more of the same this weekend. All Day will be held in check, the Superdome will be Rocking, and the city that desperately needs something to celebrate will will their team to victory.

Saints 27 Vikings 13

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