Thursday, January 7, 2010


Recently a reader commented to me that I am insane and crazy for posting all of the stuff in my blog that I do, divulging way too much personal information. While yes I probably do get too personal at times, I think this speaks to a higher level about the degree of trust and respect that I have for each of you readers. The fact that I can reveal such information about myself on here shows how much I trust each and every one of you, and feel comfortable divulging my inner most thoughts and ideas. More importantly, remember that this blog is written for the purposes of:

(1) Entertaining you all, and myself at the same time. I enjoy writing funny shit that pops into my head or comes across me as I and the people around me experience life, and I hope that my blog serves as a temporary escape from the stresses of daily life into the world of the completely off the fucking wall random.

(2) Using my ideas and past mistakes to help enrich your lives. We all make mistakes every single day, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. By harping on some of mine, particularly the women-related ones, I hope to help you all learn from my mistakes, as well as that of others that I may focus on in given posts. My advice on dating, sports, and everything in between can be entertaining, joking, and sometimes heartfelt, and I hope that by now you are able to distinguish between the different layers.

(3) Remember that everything I do and write about here, I do it for you, and each and every post is written with a particular subscriber or group of subscribers (single horny bastards, homo whipped guys, WOMEN, and of course the moms) in mind. Without your dedicated support and readership, this blog would just be some jackass moron talking to himself, and I do plenty of that already. So thank you for your continued support, I hope that this blog serves whatever purpose for you that you want it to, and as always please feel free to let me know what you want more of/what I'm doing wrong. I'll never get better if I don't get a nice kick in the ass every now and then.

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  1. never stop being brutally honest or i will stop reading