Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Is My Confession

- First off, I just love the song along the same line. Nothing better than some good old school R&B jams.

- I may put up a tough front both in real life and on this blog, and while I am undoubtedly a single horny bastard with an affinity for lesbians, or at least bicurious women, at heart I am and always have been a hopeless romantic, and I honestly belief that at heart even the toughest of tough guys are as well. Several readers have called me out on it, and they are right, because deep down, we all have that desire to love and be loved, and experience that greatest and most powerful of all emotions.

- There's no way for me to know if that special someone is out there for me. Obviously I'm hoping for the best, but I'm also a realist, and realize that there's a very strong possibility that she doesn't exist, or does exist but I've already messed things up. If that's the case, then at the very least, I hope that my failures serve as an inspiration/lesson for someone to not repeat my mistakes. No matter what happens, remain optimistic, and don't try to plan out your love life like a puzzle (i.e. meet "the one" by 25, get married by 27, have 2.5 kids by 30) but rather just let it happen. Love is spontaneous, stop trying to force it. Ohh, by the way, just to interject some humor into this post, if I do have a soul mate out there, I'm pretty sure her name starts with the letter "O", because then amongst my friends, the girls would be H20, and that would be like the coolest thing ever.

- To my couple friends, and anybody else who I may have attacked or offended in my barrage of real life and blog life attacks on relationships, I apologize. While I still despise nearly all of the mushy gushy shit that couples do, if I were in a relationship, I would do the exact same thing, and I know it. All relationships both successful and unsuccessful are certainly going to have their moments/times of stress and frustration, but if it's the right person, then it's all worth it. My parents are the best example of this. Even though my mom drives my dad and pretty much every other human being crazy with her OCD behavior, they are each other's best friend in the whole world, and THAT is the most important thing at least imo. We're all getting older, and some of us *raises hand* are pretty fucking unattractive to begin with, and things are only going to get worse. Don't obsess with looks, because they don't and shouldn't matter. While attraction is significant as a precursor to a relationship, once in said relationship, it's all about forming that special bond, that friendship and love that can't be broken by any internal or external forces. Once you find that best friend, then all the other stuff just goes away, because nothing else matters.

- This isn't changing anything. I'm still going to attack the mushy gushy elements of relationships, just because it makes me want to vomit (just apologizing in advance for my hypocrisy), and when you women do shit that is impossible to comprehend, I'm still going to call you out on it.

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