Monday, January 4, 2010

Hangover Avoidance Tips

- Don't Drink Dumbass, but if you're reading this then alas you do drink, so here are some friendly tips built from going on 4 years of just pounding my liver into oblivion

- Number #1 TIP: Consume one advil before going to bed. I have NEVER once had a hangover when I took an advil before going to bed, but unfortunately when I drink enough to have a hangover, I'm not really in the right frame of mind to think about taking an advil.

- Don't mix: I think the whole beer/liquor thing is overhyped and not a problem. Beer for beer pong + something straight as your main drink is A OK. I'm talking about mixing clears (vodka + gin + clear rums) with darks (scotch, whiskey, captain, etc.). Dedicate the night as a vodka rocks or vodka tonic night, or as a rum/coke, whiskey rocks night, but no interchanging.

- Drinking tequila or any other liquor straight out of the bottle= INSTA Hangover until at least 3pm the next day if you do it right. If you're drinking out of a bottle, man up and take fucking gulps, and plenty of them, and make sure to just destroy yourself, don't take little sips like a pussy.

- If you're not an experienced drinker, or have had a long absence, pace yourself, or your night is going to end pretty quickly.

- Eat a good full meal before starting your night of drinking. This cannot be stressed enough, as drinking on an empty stomach is going to cause you all sorts of problems both mid and post drinking. Continuing to eat some sort of snack (Cheetos Puffs and Munchos are my personal favorites) is also highly intelligent and recommended.

- If you're hungover BUT remember everything from the night before, you are doing it all wrong, and something is VERY wrong with you.

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  1. Marc you missed the #1 thing, most hangovers are from dehydration so you must drink plenty of water before bed.