Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Overrated Women

Alright I've received a lot of flack lately and garnered a reputation for being willing to bang anything that moves, which is entirely untrue. Come on, I have standards. My womenz must:

- have been born and currently still be female. No homo, no transsexual weird bullshit for me.

- be between the ages of 20-40. No 18-19 year olds, that'd be borderline pedophilic + chicks that young have a high probability of being fucking nut jobs. No woman over 40, because that would just be weird and uncomfortable. Exception: Threesomes i.e. a 43 year old mom and her 19 year old daughter want to have a threesome with me, well then there is a 0% chance that I'm turning that down, but never under 18 or over 50.

- NO TEH AIDS Please

The List (Don't get me wrong, if most of these women walked up to me in a bar, and said "Let's Fuck" well I'm not wasting any time, but even still this is the list)

- Angelina Jolie
- The main chick from Twilight
- Christina Aguliera (actually would not DO)...very unattractive
- Eva Mendes (hawt but SUPER overrated)
- Anna Kournikova (I'll take Maria Sharapova over her anyday)
- All the women from Sex and the City except Kristen Davis
- Cameron Diaz
- Sarah Jessica Parker


  1. I guess Sarah Jessica Parker is really over rated becuase you listed her twice!

  2. The only one I wouldn't do is Sarah Jessica Parker!!! Unless I get Hangover fucked up, I might marry her ass!!