Monday, January 4, 2010

A Movie Review: "Avatar 3D"

- The visuals are beyond amazing. Way way way better than I could have ever expected. Words cannot describe how amazing Pandora looks, and you really need to see it for yourself to appreciate it.

- I'm still somewhat undecided as to whether or not I liked the story or not. There are some not so subtle political messages in this movie, and the obvious metaphor to the Iraq War got annoying at times. Still, the film does a good job at building strong multi-layered characters that you care about.

- The dialogue was kind of choppy, and probably could have benefitted from an R rating

- The villain played by Stephen Lang (Ike Clanton in "Tombstone", Pickett in "Gettysburg" was the strongest of the characters imo), Michelle Rodriguez as one of the fighter pilots was just sexiness squared, she's working her way up on my list of underrated hotties list (some may disagree, but they can go fuck themselves), and the relationship between the two main characters was well-developed, and became one of the stronger elements of the film.

Grade: B+ The visuals alone make this no worse than a "B", and is one of those films you MUST see in theatres, because your 50" flatscreen just cannot do this film justice. You must see it in 3D, preferably IMAX, and just enjoy this groundbreaking work in CGI and artistry, and ignore some of the lame dialogue and not so hidden messages.

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