Sunday, January 3, 2010

NFL Week 17 In Review

- How about those CHIEFS! 258 rushing yards + 2TD's for Jamaal Charles, 2 INT's for TD's for Derrick Johnson, and we knock the Broncos out of the playoffs. Great way to end the season, full Chiefs write up to come later tonight.

- LOL Giants! Way not to show up for your last two games. Absolutely disgraceful performance from what I still think should be a top 5 NFL team. My honest opinion: It's a coaching problem, because this team has way too much talent to play the way that it did in the second half of the season. However, the Super Bowl win should buy Coughlin another year or two.

- LOL JaMarcus Russell for pretty much single handedly costing your team the win. Biggest bust since Ryan Leaf, and doubt this guy should even be on the practice squad next season. Although, the playoffs wouldn't be the same without the Ravens in it, and without Welker, the Pats who barely beat them early in the year are going to have their hands full.

- I still can't decide if the Cowboys are that good, or the Eagles were that loltasicticlly bad today. Nobody can doubt that the Cowboys and Packers are playing the best football in the NFC right now, and all things being even, I could easily see that being the NFC Title Game. I definitely expect the Eagles to play better next week, but they're going to have to find ways to get DeSean Jackson the ball, McNabb has to play MUCH MUCH better, and the Eagles defense needs to do what got them there, which is blitz, blitz, and blitz some more. That soft zone shit is going to get shredded by Romo all day, who is on a tear right now.

- Wow what an ass whooping on Sunday Night. 7 Total yards for the Bengals in the first half, and Revis did what he's done all season. Add Ocho to a list that includes Andre Johnson, TO, Randy Moss, Steve Smith (CAR), and more #1 WR's who have been shut down by him this year.

- Congrats to Chris Johnson for getting to 2,000 rushing yards, and setting an NFL record for all-purpose yards with just another 150+ total yards game, to go with 2 TD's. The man is just not human, and should be the consensus number one pick in next year's fantasy drafts.

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