Friday, January 1, 2010

Random Remembrances From Last Night

- Ryan + Hillary you guys are both super awesome. Great times last night, well I presume at least.
- Ryan and I having to play catch-up and Ricky force feeding us shot after shot. 5 shots + champagne + a cocktail + a Jaegerbomb all in like half an hour will definitely get you pretty buzzed.
- Having an awesome convo with our cab driver. Trying to talk to him in my embarrassingly bad broken Spanish was fun, and I think we were both just talking shit to each other (in a good way + I tipped him well so its all good).
- Once we got to the restaurant, things get VERY VERY VERY fuzzy. I remember a texting war with Hillary, the four seconds between 9 and 5 on the midnight countdown, Ryan saying something like "Marc will drink with you" to somebody, and not a whole lot else.
- Waking up at 8am in my room, and being like: "Holy fuck how the fuck did I end up here?" with the worst fucking headache ever. Just a word to the wise, drinking tequila straight out of the bottle, is NOT NOT NOT a good idea.
- Still a damn fine start to the New Year, it was definitely fun to get good and hammered after a 6 week stint on IR. Hope your celebrations were just as good if not better than mine, although technically I have no fucking clue if I had a good time or not. Please share your stories, come on somebody has to have a solid I woke up on some stranger's front lawn, or I went streaking down the Vegas strip story. Drunk stories are the MF NUTS!

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