Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ship IT!

- Two more years of MOTHER FUCKING ETHIER! Two more years of Broxton is a very solid by-note, but if he blows up in another NLCS Game 4 this year, marc1313 will be no more, i.e. deceased with the cause of death being self-inflicted injuries to the head with a blunt instrument like a remote control or possibly just alcohol poisoning.

- A couple other notes in the MLB world, are the Mariners locking up King Felix at the super discount rate of $78 million. Trust me, that's a sick bargain for the M's, and they're going to be a damn fine team for the forseeable future.

- The Marlins locking up Josh Johnson for 4 years/$39 million which is an even better deal than King Felix. Locking up HanRam and JJ gives the Marlins the best SS in the game, and one of the five best starting pitchers in the game for a long time. Another team that could make some noise this year, seriously no team has a better track record at raising young talent than the Marlins.

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