Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Shit That I Miss

- My Old School Nintendo System...FUCK ME for giving it away to my little cousins, because it would be so fucking awesome to go back and play some TECMO Football, Duck Hunt, or RBI Baseball

- Being in massive pain and taking vicodin. 10X the high that alcohol gives you. Seriously, someone needs to just come up to me, and punch me in the face as hard as they can (I promise I won't press charges), because I can't just take vicodin for the sake of taking it (I have enough addictions already), but I really am craving one at the moment.

- Kickball

- Monk and The Shield...really sucks to have your two favorite TV shows go off the air in the same year

- The whiteboard in my old much shit talking + hilarious messages written on that board between roommates, friends, etc. and so many good drunken poker nights there.

- Presbyterian Hospital and SUPER SUPER HAWT it bad that I almost want something bad to happen to me, just so that I'm "forced" to have super hawt nurses catering to my every need.

- Mr. Gibson's AP Chemistry Class. OMG so much hilarity occurred in that classroom, I actually learned a lot, and well let's just say that was where I really got to know a special someone, but I don't want to get into that now, it's just all kinds of darkness thinking about that (see posts from July 10 of last year for full details if you're interested)

- Playing/practicing golf every single day with my my golfing buddies, and all the exploits that happened on the La Serna Golf Team.

- First on the tee La Mirada Golf Course the Kim 2some with the Kim 3some...2nd up the Kim 4 some...3rd up the Kim 3some with the Marc 2some....what is it like fucking $4 pitchers fuckheads, dudes let's fucking go out pound a couple of pitchers and then go play some golf

- Pickup basketball games with the cholos and the brothers at Parnell Park, and earning their respect with nonstop hustle, and making it rain with my jump shot

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