Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Fun Drinking Games

- Beer Pong of always make up your own rules as you go along, and always try to screw over your opponent
- Flip Cup: team game, gets everybody involved
- The 24 Game: Invented by my former roommate Eugene Chang, you watch an episode of 24, and everytime somebody dies, you have to take a shot...If you top my record of 11 shots in 40 minutes without puking your guts out, I'll buy you a beer
- Kings Cup I think that's what it's called...basically you take turns picking cards, and pouring a bit of your drink into the community cup...when somebody draws a King, they have to chug the community cup...not fun to lose, plenty of fun to win
- The "I've Never" Game: Fun, and you get to learn plenty about your friends, but not really fun for virgins
- Tequila Blackjack: Simple, one person is the house, the other is the player, and the loser of each hand does a shot of tequila
- Vodka and Halo: Multiplayer Halo tournament however many players you want, and everytime you die, you have to take a drink...needless to say, it greatly behooves you to get off to a good start
- Random Word Game: At the start of the night, the group picks a word at random, preferably one that is common in everyday speech, and anytime somebody says that word, they have to take a shot.
- The Chick Flick Game: Anytime somebody mentions a chick flick they have to take a shot. Additionally all straight men must take a shot for every chick flick they've seen in the calendar year.
- Dodgers-Angels-Jaegerbombs: Everytime a given team scores a run, or gets a hit, whatever criteria you want, fans of the opposing team must do a jaegerbomb.

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