Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sober Blackouts

- For whatever reason these have been happening to me all the time at all sorts of random times/intervals, whilst my BAC is 0.00, I'm wide awake, I don't do drugs obv. and am no longer on any medication.

- Should be concerned and if I were somebody else, I probably would be, but alas it is me, and my body has always had weird ways of telling me to go fuck myself, so I'll just take it as one of those things that will pass.

- It's not a concentration thing, it's not like I just zone out or can't concentrate, it's like I literally have no idea what's going on, and how I got where I am. Reason I know this is that most of these sober blackouts have occurred while driving, often with other people in the car, and have never had any complaints about said driving. So I'm clearly focused, I just either forget or don't realize that I'm concentrating, if that makes any sense.

- Plus it's kind of cool to be driving, mid-conversation, in class, playing poker, blogging, just hanging out, etc. and be like OMG what the fuck just happened to the last 15 minutes. Like no clue whatsoever, and having to ask the person nearest to me what the fuck is going on.

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