Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Pet Peeves of the Moderator

- All of the man law #1 violations that have been violated by alleged bros of the moderator in recent times. Umm fucktards stop telling your women EVERYTHING, they're not guys, and it's starting to piss me off. These man law #1 violations MUST STOP NOW, because you all know that I would never violate said man law myself, even though I easily could, and you fucktards are quickly losing my trust.

- How quickly and rapidly all of the moderator's drunken exploits get spread. When like all the moms know about all of my drunken exploits, even the stuff that I don't blog about, it's gone too far.

- Everybody saying that I'm not a real Chiefs fan + all the shit talking on my Chiefs. I've stuck by my team through a 4-12 season, and am intensely excited for the draft, have my jersey to prove it, and OMG I just cannot wait for the Chiefs to ship a Super Bowl title in the next few seasons, so that I can win the ultimate of all prop bets. Charlie Weis + Romeo completes the full New England transformation, and this team will be the next NFL dynasty. BOOK IT!

- How rapidly and sadly one of my unnamed bros is sinking into womanhood. Mushy Gushy couple "retreats" + Bed Bath & Beyond AND EVEN MORE DISTURBINGLY LIKING BOTH, taking precedent over the NFL Playoffs has me very very very concerned.

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