Tuesday, February 2, 2010


You know you've moved beyond friend status, and achieved bro or broette (females) status when:

- I call you "bro" or "brah" lDO
- Neither of us ever refer to each other by our Christian names
- I've drunk dialed you multiple times in one night
- You've drunk dialed me multiple times in one night
- You read my blog
- Your parents know about all of my "alleged" drunken exploits
- My Civic is like a 2nd car to you
- Your family is like a 2nd family to me
- I've called you the "C" word
- You and I have our own "fist bump" dealio and/or we're too cool for fist bumps, and the simple head nod is acceptable
- We go to a restaurant and you can basically "order for me"

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