Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The S/T Women Rule

- Single women must always get "dolled up", dress nice, and do their hair make up and all that other stuff when going out.
- Taken women can NEVER do any of the above things, unless they will be in the presence of their significant other. I'm talking NO makeup, wear your hair as is, no nails done, NOTHING!


Single men: Makes it pretty damn easy for us to determine which women are available, and which are not. No more wasted time hitting on/talking to women who are taken, and it will actually make single women look hotter, which is always a good thing.

Taken men: It will greatly reduce the chances that your girl will cheat on you, since she's not going to look good when going out, and hopefully other guys out there have enough integrity to stay away from her.

Single Women: Eliminate some of the competition, you're going to look a lot better just because of the S/T rule, and guys will insta know that you are single, and won't be scared off, by just "assuming" that you are taken.

Taken women: No more douchebags hitting on you, or at least said effect will be greatly reduced, and so much time and money saved because you don't have to "get ready" or "look nice". In my estimations, the average taken woman would save ~ 7.5 months out of the year and ~ $30,000/year if said rule were implemented.

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