Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Mens Decathalon

You and a bro having an argument about who's more of a man? Are you a chick with two possible suitors? Here's a simple 10 game challenge to determine who is more of a man. 10 Events, one day, no bitching out, man the fuck up and take this bish down!

Event 1: Beer Pong
Event 2: HORSE
Event 3: Sports Trivia
Event 4: 18 Holes of Golf, Walking of Course
Event 5: Arm Wrestling
Event 6: Heads Up Game of Halo, Goldeneye, or Duck Hunt
Event 7: Heads Up Poker Game
Event 8: Chicken
Event 9: Boxing
Event 10: Shot for Shot...last man standing wins obv.

Tiebreaker: Once the event 10 loser is standing, a good old fashioned street fight. No rules, no regulations, just beat the shit out of each other until only one man is left standing.

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