Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Womens Decathalon

Ladies: Do you have an enemy/rival who's a total bitch and do you each just want to show the other that you're more of a girls girl. Well here's the perfect way to find out. No you pervs reading this, I'm not going to include anything remotely sexual because women should always be treated with respect, and I'm totally against objectifying them.

Event 1: "Get ready to go out"...whoever takes longer wins

Event 2: Read the opening to this post out loud. Whoever finishes first, wins. I'm setting the O/U (Over/Under) for the winner's time at 0.04 seconds, unless there's a Gilmore Girl involved, in which case the O/U needs to be set at 0.00 seconds, and I'd still probably take the under.

Event 3: Have a third party choose a random topic, and whoever can find more different ways to complain about said topic wins.

Event 4: Go up to a random guy at a bar and "flirt" with him, then excuse yourself and go to the restroom. Whichever guy looks more confused after said conversation wins.

Event 5: GIRL FIGHT! Alright I couldn't resist, they're just too awesome. Ohh and by the way, whichever guy breaks up the fight, INSTA loses the Mens Decathalon, along with his man card, and the right to call himself straight.

Event 6: On pure looks alone, rate the moderator on a scale from 1-10. Whoever's number is lower wins.

Event 7: Both parties must enter a room with a controlled temperature simultaneously with the beginning temperature at 100degrees. Slowly drop the temperature one degree at a time, and whoever whines about being cold first, wins. O/U 95 degrees.

Event 8: Both parties drive on one of those driver's ed tracks with all the cones on them. Whoever knocks over more cones wins.

Event 9: Play an old clip of Jon Garland pitching to Joe Mauer. The first one to make a baseball related comment loses.

Event 10: Have both women get married on the same day. Whoever's husband admits to one of his bros man-to-man, with no women around, that "I'm not a man, I'm "insert wife's name's" bitch" wins.

Tiebreaker: One night out of the town. Most "woos" ships the title.

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