Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Moderator's First Crush

Prologue: I know how much some of you like my little stories, and I haven't written one of them in a while, so I figured I would entertain you all with a story that I've actually never told anybody in full detail, at least I think.

Let me take you back to a long time ago, in what seems like a galaxy far far away, even though it's only a few blocks from my current location. It is the 5th grade at Leffingwell Elementary School, and something you need to know about 5th grade marc1313, is that he was actually pretty cool. He was friends with or at least got along with everybody male and female, while still managing not to be a douche.

So on the first day of 5th grade there was this new girl, alright none of you who she is, so I'm comfortable saying that her name was Jill catches my eye. I had had girls that I had had little schoolyard rivalries with and little crushes on, but this was day was the birth of the marc1313 that you all know today who like insta falls in love with chicks. On that first day of school, I didn't know at the time, but deep down I kind of knew that this girl would be the focal point of my social school year, and boy was I right.

For reasons that are completely irrelevant to the story I was transferred to a different classroom later that week, I don't even remember why, but I was really bummed (a) this eliminated opportunities to talk to Jill and (b) The teacher I originally had was hawt, and even at 11 years old, I remember anxiously looking forward to 5th grade just to have this teacher. But that's beside the point, I had to find new ways to get to know Jill. Well the next part will come as a major major surprise to pretty much everybody who knows the moderator, but for the rest of the year, my best friends were Jill and her two best girlfriends. While I still hung out with my guy friends sometimes, the majority of recesses/lunch times were spent hanging out with them. Even more amazingly was the fact that I maintained a coolness and collectiveness at all times, and they always allowed me to hang with them. We still played sports, and were active, it wasn't like we sat around talking about our feelings, which would make me teh uber ghey.

As the year goes on, whenever there is a holiday or any sort of special occasion, I remember putting together little mini gifts for her, just little girly stocking stuff type things except for girls. Yea I was a pimp, even walked her home a couple times, but nothing ever really happened. Eventually my crush on her went away, and at one point I even had a thing for one of her friends, who for much of that year was my bff.

Quick Aside: Alright so just realized that I wasn't born with an incompetence around women, it's something that has developed over time, although I think that the tide is turning.

Anyways, so we went to middle school together, but we never really talked. There wasn't any feeling of uncomfort, but we just kind of went our separate ways, although at one point she did mention that she still had all the little gifts that I gave her. HOLY FUCK: As I'm typing this I just realized for the first time ever that that just might have been some of a clue. Or was it? HELP (AYUDA ME) female readers, I never really know what the fuck chicks mean when they say things. Hmm...well either way I have not seen her since, so I guess the point is moot, although I would like to know the answer to said question still.

Epilogue: I friended her on myspace a few years ago, and found out that she already has a few kids, so I guess I really dodged a bullet there. This story wasn't meant to be a sad depressing story like well all of my other women stories, so I hope it didn't come off that way. Just a nice little change of pace for the blog.

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