Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Screenplay

Alright I've alluded to a screenplay to many of you, but I guess I owe you all some details. I'm up to 40 pages now although my formatting is SUPER FUCKED UP, so I probably have more pages than that once the formatting gets fixed (90-120 pages= standard screenplay length). Tentatively named "Carpe Diem", there are several different storylines that will all converge at the end of the film. The film is a mix of true stories, as well as dramatization, you know for Hollywood, and there has been some changing of the facts for creative purposes, but the characters are true to their real life counterparts.

I guess the reason why I'm posting this, is because Lord knows I need all the help I can get (I've hit somewhat of a road block, well not so much that, but I need some help getting direction from here, what storylines are working, which aren't, and what should I focus on from here on out? What doesn't make sense? Anything that could help.) so if you would like to read it, just ask, send me your email address and I will email you a copy. I mean I didn't start this project with these vast illusions that it would be the next big box office hit, but I've spent a good deal of time on it, so I would like to put forth the best product possible, and give myself the best chance possible of getting it produced. Be forewarned, it is lDO a very long read, and the story is pretty much chick flickish in genre, with some drama mixed in, as well as of course a very strong baseball motif.

The Main Characters:

- Marc1313, and the two couples: Ryan + Hillary and Paul + Heather, and marc1313's "girl who got away". All characters have of course been renamed to protect the innocent.

The Story:

- The framing device for the film sees Marc1313 driving with Paul and Heather after dinner (this was where I got the idea for the film, so it had to start there) where he suffers a heart attack. The idea actually had to do with my odometer reading 177.6 (obv. reference to birth of our nation), and 1776 was the original title of the film, but I changed it to "Carpe Diem" for reasons that will become obvious as the film progresses.

- Plot Line #1: The present situation: marc1313 is recovering but not out of the woods yet, and while lying on his hospital bed, to help keep his mind off the pain tells Paul + Heather the story of him and "the one who got away" which will be shown to the audience in a series of flashbacks.

- Plot Line #2: Ryan + Hillary try and get to the hospital, but encounter problems en route.

- Plot Line #3: The great times that these five friends have shared together, building their friendships, as well as the relationships between Ryan-Hillary and Paul-Heather

- Plot Line #4 (past tense + the main plot line at this point, although that could change): Marc1313's relationship with "the girl who away". Ryan's character has a major part in this storyline.

- Ending: Well I won't give it away for you, you have to read it for yourself, lets just say that it is both ridiculously predictable and unpredictable at the same time, and that all four story lines will come together perfectly. While I am open to change aspects of the rest of the story, the ending will NOT be changed under any circumstances, so just deal with it.

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