Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paul and Heather Wedding Recap

- Hot damn did everyone look good yesterday. Us guys looked pretty freaking good tuxing AND vesting it up, but too bad the bride had to show us all up. Saying that she and the bridesmaids looked good would be merely stating the obvious.
- Solid last supper, although Ryan and I really should have gone with lunch over breakfast, but who the fuck cares, because I think all four of us were very non teh gheyly aroused by the first two innings of Blue Jays-Yankees.
- Paul: Don't you ever forget the "little talk" we had on the way to the ceremony. BTW I think I'm pretty sure I've decided on the 5-iron.
- Ceremony was awesome even though I had no idea what the fuck was going on half the time (I really should go to church more often). The officiant got in some pretty solid one-liners considering the role that he had to play. I almost died laughing after that baker's wife story. The venue was amazing, so beautiful, and such a nice facility.
- Pictures were awesome...we'll all definitely have some good facebook pics to post now. My only question is: Is that lady still running? Holy cow that was impressive. Perfect location for pics for whoever made that decision.
- EPIC EPIC EPICALLY amazing reception. Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Owen for throwing a super awesome party. Party of the millennium and it's not even close! Everybody seriously got it on on the dance floor, and Holy Cow zOMG drunk people everywhere.
- Bottom Line: Congratulations to Paul and Heather! I wish you both nothing but the best. Thanks to all the groomsmen for helping throw the sickest bachelor party ever, and just for everyone that I talked to at the wedding. Love you all, met some really cool people, and all in all had an amazing day, one that none of us will ever forget.

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