Wednesday, March 10, 2010

People Who Can Go Fuck Themselves

- People who drive slow in the left lane...hey fucktards, there's a place for people who drive like little bitches: It's called the right lane, FUCKING use it!
- Douchebags that give either of the H's a hard time. One of these days I'm going to get my ass kicked, like really badly, but ohh well.
- People who don't tip when someone else paid for their goddamn breakfast. Yes, I'm talking about you Mr. Pink.
- Bud Selig for being the most useless fuck of a "commish" ever. FFS a real Salary Cap one mother fucking time! One of the many reasons why the NFL is the best run league on the planet.
- Violators of Man Law #1
- This fucking tool who talks to much, and is totally after the same chick that I'm after. Just want to punch this guy in the mouth, everything about him pisses me the fuck off.
- The entire Steinbrenner Family just on general principal

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