Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Shit That I Love

- My family, as well as my friends and their families. I always feel so loved whenever I am in the presence of any and all of my friends' families. You are all super fucking awesome.
- Drunk Dials: Both making them, and receiving them, although if I may critique, I would appreciate some more profanity in received drunk dials in the future. Come on, you're fucked up people, let me hear it. Call me a fuckhead cocksucker mother fucker, and add your own special touch to the call. Get innovative, I always appreciate creativity.
- Pixar: Seriously, do these guys and gals know anything but perfection? From Ratatouille, to Wall-E, to Up, the animation is not only amazing, but the stories are as well. Ratatouille isn't just my favorite animated movie, it's one of my favorite movies period, and the opening scene in Up, where not a single word was spoken, was one of the most touching pieces of cinema ever. Yea I'm a fag, but I almost cried.
- Bachelor Parties/Weddings: Seriously considering proposing to the next hawt piece of ass that I see, because the past two weeks have been unfucking believable.
- Flaming Hot Cheetos
- Puffy Taco
- Lucille's: they pretty much all know me there now
- Fucking Toothpicks: went 7 hours the other day chewing on the same toothpick. Perfect stress release for twitchy OCD fucked up nutcases like yours truly
- Youtube: Seriously, the greatest fucking invention ever

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