Monday, March 15, 2010

To Look Back or Not Look Back?

Alright, so you pass by some hawt chick, maybe you know her, maybe you don't, this poses the age old question as to whether you should look back for a second look or not? Men have fought over this question for ages, and both sides have some very solid arguments, but I intend to lay this argument to rest, once and for all.

Arguments For NOT Looking Back

- It makes you look desperate and/or creepy
- Anybody who catches you including people in your party might think less of you
- Focusing all your attention on this one chick might distract you, and cause you to miss seeing some other hawt piece of ass who's walking by
- You might just get your ass kicked

Arguments in FAVOR of Looking Back

- Who the fuck cares what other people are thinking. Quick aside: an entire of table of chicks caught me very unsubltly checking out our hawt waitress the other night, and I could not give less of a fuck. I'm probably never seeing any of them again, I'm going to be a guy and be proud of it.
- Checking out the hottie will at least secure in everyone's mind that you are not teh ghey
- If she looks nice from the front, I mean you absolutely HAVE to see if she looks as nice from behind. It is not only your right, but your DUTY and obligation as a man to do so.
- You might catch her looking back as well, in which case damn boy you might have something cooking. Go get some.
- Worst case scenario: You're going to get a nice view, I mean that's the main reason you're looking back anyways. Life's too short to be a fag, do what makes you happy. Exceptions: You are in the presence of your girlfriend/fiance/wife, mother, grandmother, or anyone else whom you don't want to offend.

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