Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Contributors

If any of you have something on your mind, or have a funny subject that you would like to discuss, I am officially opening TDMoM1313 up for guest contributors under the following conditions:

- You are a subscriber who has adopted some of this blog's lingo i.e. "teh ghey", "Go Fuck Yourself" or "Get AIDS" into your daily lingo
- Your post is humorous, and about a "fun topic": no politics, news, or controversial bullshit will be tolerated
- Your post must contain some version of the word "fuck" at least once, preferably multiple times in the post.
- Your post must meet the ridiculously immoral standards by which this blog is regulated
- If you would like to post something, send it to me, and full credit will of course be awarded to said author.

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