Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Random Things That Are Impossible Not to Love

(1) Popcorn
(2) Saying "Go Fuck Yourself"
(3) Fantasy Football
(4) Poolside Coronas and Margaritas on a hot as fuck summer day
(5) Opening Day
(6) Hawt Chicks running
(7) "How I Met Your Mother"
(8) March Madness...I watched one fucking college hoops games this year, but who the fuck cares, let the Madness begin Thursday. Of course I FUCKING LOVE "One Shining Moment" with all the tournament highlights at the end of the title game.
(9) Rivalry Saturday
(10) Fantasy Baseball/Football/NFL Drafts...two fucking weeks, and one fucking month, so excited...OKUNG OKUNG OKUNG please!!!

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