Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top 10 Reasons

Why The Moderator is Going to Die Alone

(1) I am Ugly as Fuck
(2) I am Ridiculously Unattractive
(3) Even when I dress up, and do everything I can to look good, I still look like shit.
(4) I'm a fucking degen (my fault on this one)
(5) I have no fucking idea how to talk to women. I mean I try, I really really do try and learn from my mistakes, but always manage to fuck it up.
(6) I'm too picky and too selective with women.
(7) Chicks tend not to like guys who are: Asian, 5 feet fucking tall, undersized, and are fucking weird.
(8) Being the "nice guy" and the "funny guy" is all fun and games, and will make me plenty of female friends, but never a girl friend. Being a pretentious douche really isn't me, and I refuse to change who I am just to make a girl happy.
(9) In case you have never met me, I am ugly as fuck!
(10) For anyone who has read my screenplay, I deserve to. I met and fell for the most amazing chick ever, we have a great year together, but my scared little self never told her how I felt. Regrets FTL!

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