Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why TV and the Movies are Dead Wrong!

- I'm not trying to knock relationships/marriage in any way, but Television and Marriage has distorted our image on love and life from an early life, and continues to try and distort said image throughout our lives.

- The fact of the matter is that these idyllic love stories, and magical happy endings are the exception and not the norm.

- 99.99% of the time the geek does not get the girl, in fact that the geek doesn't even come close to getting the girl. If the girl even gives this piece of shit loser the time of day, it's only to use him, or build her self-esteem so she can move onto someone else. Memo to Losers: Just Fucking Give Up! Stop wasting your time on chicks who could care less about you, and embrace your loser status rather than being ashamed of it. Enjoy your freedom, and become the "weird old guy at strip clubs".

- Put it this way, by becoming that weird old guy, you are not only setting yourself free, and never going to get your heart crushed again, but when your peers are 60 and still with the same woman who's also 60, you will be hooking up with a bunch of hawt random 20 something women. Sounds like a solid fucking win to me!

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