Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 Movie Review *Kinda Spoilers*

Pixar has struck again in this final installment of this trilogy, and its first breakout film. I don't like to throw out the word "masterpiece" too often, but this film truly was perfect, and I can't think of a single flaw with the film. If there were any flaws, they were either insignificant or overshadowed by this incredibly moving story about moving on from one chapter of your life to another. I laughed, I smiled, I was on the edge of my seat, and I was moved almost to tears, and to me, that's a complete movie. With the exception of the Original Star Wars Trilogy the final chapter of movie trilogies usually fall short of their predecessors, but I argue that this was the finest film in the Toy Story trilogy.

The film builds upon its predecessors, continuing the story with perfect continuity, and pulls at your heartstrings for the entire 2 hours while at the same time making you laugh and sharing with you the physical and emotional journey that the characters are enduring. The final half an hour was one of the most touching and emotional half hours of my movie-going life, made so because the emotion was genuine and earned. You genuinely felt for these characters in their journey through life because Pixar built up through these three films.

Bonus Points to any movie that has an evil care bear.

Grade: A+

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