Friday, June 25, 2010

VEGAS Top 10 Moments

Heading out to Vegas tonight, so in honor of that, going to count down the moderator's top 10 Vegas moments from the past. Hope to create a whole new top 10 this trip, especially creating a new #1 ;-) i think that's the winking emoticon. Know what I saying?!

#10- I don't remember

#9- Running full speed from Harrah's to Mandalay Bay to make it in time for OMG Mamma Mia. Ryan, Paul, and I going batshit crazy when we found out that the Angels no-hit the Dodgers, and LOST! The people around us not being very amused!

#8- All my interactions with super hawt poker dealers at the Bellagio.

#7- Unblacking out, only to realize that I was the chip leader of my poker tournament even though I had no idea how I got there. Proceeded to get knocked out when my AA < AK. Sickness!

#6- "We're going streaking". The moderator starts stripping, gets about halfway done, and then the lights went out.

#5- The Pool incident. Returning from being the bubble boy in my poker tournament, only to have my friends cheer me up by taking turns throwing me in the pool, and then getting me super drunk. BTW I got a perfect 10 on my dives followed by numerous standing ovations!

#4- Marc and Paul off to Vegas for Paul's 21st. No drinking, just a billion hours straight of nothing but poker at like every different card room on the Strip. Also the first time I ever saw snow, so I was pretty excited.

#3- The Moderator "interviewing" a bagillion people up and down the Strip, taking and pocketing every stripper card he could get his hands on, the epic conversation with the black guys, and of course the escalator incident.

#2- Paul's Bachelor Party...enough said, I've already said too much. Best Weekend Ever Guys!

#1- March 2006 aka the first time I ever got drunk. Drank a 190 in like 5 minutes, went kind of crazy nutso, insane night, no idea how we made it back to our hotel the next morning, and I'm still waiting for those fuckers at Caesar's to give me my fucking hot dog back!

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