Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fantastic New Discoveries This Summer

Some of these things are kinda teh ghey, but you can blame my adopted little sister for that.

- Red ales (beer)
- Kenley Jansen
- "Inception"
- "Toy Story" movies
- "Despicable Me"
- Fondue...seriously it's fucking awesome
- Claim Jumpers' Happy Hour
- Everything on and about Birch Street
- text messaging...kinda always done it some, but now i love it
- Jaeger on the rocks...ohh wait that's definitely not a good idea, but more on that later
- "Wuthering Heights"
- "Glee" yes it's teh ghey, but I don't care I love the show, and I'm not afraid or embarrassed to admit it
- Lea Michele
- My gold chain
- MLB All-Star Game Fanfest